Hello there!

You are probably reading this to get a feel for what I’m all about, so i’ll try my best to give a little slice of who I am.

I grew up here in the PNW my whole life. Happily married to my best friend now for 2 years, living in a small little town with our cat Pippy.

I guarantee I am one of THE MOST laid-back people you will ever meet. I thrive on a good sense of humor and a love for music, cats and coffee. So, if you enjoy others who feel the same, I’m sure we will get along just fine!

I love to celebrate life and family and watch joy overflow. Life is too short to not appreciate and enjoy the little things that make you happy and the people that make you feel complete.

As your photographer, I will always capture the special moments.

I’m such a sucker for candid shots. The moments where you can see and feel a person’s heart bursting with love and overwhelmed with happiness, those moments can’t be posed - those are the moments I love to get.

I try to make all my clients feel as comfortable as possible. The only expectation I have is that you feel at ease.

If I am photographing your wedding - you can know that I will treat your day as if it was my very own. I won’t just be another vendor, I will be your friend who will do my very best to make you feel at ease on your big day and know without a doubt, I GOT THIS. We can meet beforehand and go over the details, I am a big dreamer and trust me, I want to hear all the details because so much goes into your big day and you deserve it to be everything you wanted and more.

If I am photographing your family - I know a thing or two about how special these pictures can be. Your little ones won’t always be this little, and you may not always be together like this again. Trust me when I say your screaming child who hates the camera isn’t my first rodeo! I’m convinced most small children have a vendetta against anyone holding a large camera LOL.

I will do my best to get some giggles, I promise, even if I have to look like a total clown to get a smile.. I WILL!

I run this business with an open heart and give my all. I am so blessed and thank the Lord every day I get to continue to capture all your special milestones in life.